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MARS: Modeling and Analysis of the Response of Structures (MARS)


Title : “MARS: Modeling and Analysis of the Response of Structures (MARS)”

Location: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Date: September 2010.

Instructors: Daniele Pelessone and Gianluca Cusatis.

Description: This two-days short course provided the participants with a basic knowledge of the MARS code which “[...] is a powerful and robust object- oriented computational software for simulating the mechanical response of structural systems subjected to short duration events. It is based on a dynamic explicit algorithm and it implements all the capabilities and versatility of a general finite element code. In addition, MARS features some unique techniques, such as the Lattice Discrete Particle Method (LDPM) and adaptive remeshing algorithms for shell and solid meshes, which facilitate the solution of problems involving structural break-ups, fragmentation and post-failure response under extreme loading conditions”. Download the course flyer here.

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