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Northwestern University

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ACI Convention 2019: Matthew Troemner, Madura Pathirage, Dr. Gianluca Cusatis, Dr. Roman Wan-Wendner, and Dr. Gianluca Ranzi



Matthew is a PhD candidate of Civil Engineering within the Mechanics of Quasi-Brittle Materials Research Group at Northwestern University. He received a Master of Engineering in Structural Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

He is interested in research and analysis in the areas encompassed by Architectural, Structural, and Civil Engineering; specifically additive construction of concrete and concrete-like materials, and the assessment of fiber-reinforced concrete under dynamic conditions. In his free time he enjoys photography, video editing, traveling, and downhill skiing.

Current Research


3D Printing Of Sulfur-Based Martian Regolith Concrete

Matthew previously lead a team of 32 students, faculty, and professionals to develop a way to 3D-print structures on Mars using planetary- and mission-based materials for NASA. Additional research on the material is still underway. Details on the team can be found at the following link:

Lattice-Discrete Particle Model Analysis Of Concretes

Current research is beginning on the simulation of cured traditional concrete and sulfur-based concretes using state-of-the-art multiscale-multiphysics analysis software and models.

Particle And Flow Simulation Of 3D-Printed Concrete

Future research is planned for the simulation of material flow and curing of early state 3D-printed cementitious materials.

Micromechanical Modeling Of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

Future research is planned for the micromechanical modeling of fiber-reinforcement for traditionally constructed and 3D printed cementitious materials.

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